Gel polish care tips

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Remember the situation how you carefully and lovingly worked on a beautiful manicure for a client, creating an interesting and complex design, and he called back a few days later and complained that the gel polish is chipping off in pieces or peeling off with a plate from the edge. And you, knowing 100% that you have chosen high-quality material for work and fulfilled all the requirements for technology, are trying to find the reason for such an unpleasant embarrassment.

Problems with gel polish do not always arise (as, unfortunately, clients believe) through the fault of the master. Much depends on the client and, especially, on his nail care outside the manicure room. Therefore, after the procedure for coating nails with gel polish, it is advisable to remind about the basic rules of caring for it. And it is better to make a so-called memo for the client.

So let's take a closer look at5советов pohodu for gel Polish:

Tip # 1.

Avoid prolonged contact with hot water the first 48 hours.

This includes visiting the baths or saunas. The fact is that although the process of polymerization of gels zavershilsya after drying, the gel Polish in the lamp, the nail plate remains sensitive to rapid changes in temperature and humidity. After all, "the other side" of our manicure is actually the natural nail. But don't take it too literally - wash your hands can! The restriction applies only to prolonged contact with hot water.

Tip # 2.

Wear rubber gloves when dealing with household chemicals.

The gel varnishes are known for their durability and, according to numerous reviews, the usual housework, washing dishes, cleaning them is not terrible in comparison with a lacquer coating. But contacting with chemicals (household cleaners, solvents and various cleaning abrasives), yet wear gloves.Modern gel Polish is rastvorimosti (soakoff)with more protoindustry compared to traditional rigid gel simulation, and therefore more vulnerable to aggressive vozdeystviyna. Despite the protective layer of top gel, still try bereciartua against yellowing and loss of Shine, wearing household gloves.Not only will this retain the freshness of the manicure, but iberojet free edge of the natural nogtei the skin from drying out.

Tip # 3.

Not podpilivaya after the shellac.

Although all girls and women love to premenarcheal nail file shape and length of their nails, with gel Polish to do so is strictly prohibited. Abrasive, even very fine saw cut away a "sealed" masteronly gel Polish and top gel,copepodit to the chips and exfoliations. But if they do have clientgenerated desire to trim the edge, the nails need a layer of the protective coating by sealing the free edge -see tip # 5.

Tip # 4.

Walk with gel polish for no longer than 2-3 weeks.

Have a gel Polish, as well as any treatments for the nails, there is a time socks. If you walk with him more than the manufacturer period, the adhesion of the coating with the nail will gradually grow and to remove it you will need a more aggressive (more time for dissolution, filing, etc.). And it certainly will harm the nails.These may begin to crumble, foliated, will become thin and weak.

Moreover, timely removal is necessary not only for the health of your nails, but also for the beautiful appearance of your manicure. Even if the gel Polish is on your nails, it did not split off, not cracked, not scratched, anyway, after 2-3 weeks it becomes noticeable half-inch strip at the base of the nail, pointing to the remoteness of the manicure or compromising the overall aesthetic appearance.

Tip # 5.

Care for gel nail Polish with the help of special tools.

To extend the life of the gel lacquer coating at home, use the special professional tools. Once a week gel Polish can block the finish, fortunately we do not have a problem to buy a portable LED lamp and top coat for gel Polish in a small volume. Obyazatelnogo use different moisturizing and nourishing products for hands and cuticles: oils and creams with vitamins a and E, extracts of aloe Vera, papaya, pineapple, sage.

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