Manicure machine Global Fashion GF-202 vs ZS-601

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Today, hardware manicure is the number 1 procedure in the nail industry. And this is not surprising, because it is convenient, high quality and in a short time you can achieve an excellent result. One of the main tools in hardware manicure is a milling cutter, or as it is also called a manicure apparatus.

We present to your attention the following manicure machines: Global Fashion GF-202 and ZS 601. Visually they are absolutely identical, but internally there is a difference. Are you interested in knowing the difference between these devices?

The device for manicure and pedicure Global Fashion GF-202 is semi-professional. The machine is designed for processing nails of hands and feet, removing cuticles, removing gel coat, correcting the nail plate, eliminating corns and calluses. The power of the device is 65 watts with a maximum rotation of the nozzle up to 35,000 rpm.

The device for manicure and pedicure ZS 601, is designed for the upper correction of nails (gel and acrylic), treatment of cuticles, lateral rollers, fingertips, and for pedicure in the process of processing nails. The power of the device is 45 watts with a maximum rotation of the nozzle up to 35,000 rpm.

The handle body of the Global Fashion GF-202 and ZS 601 router is made of high quality aluminum, which means that when the handle heats up, all the heat goes into the aluminum body and thereby it cools down, protects the handle motor from overheating and prolongs its service life. The handle has a reliable and high-quality holder for cutters and it fits comfortably in the hand.

Also, both routers are equipped with special holes for nozzles, where they are perfectly fixed and are always at hand. In addition, the machines have a special pen holder that can be fixed on the hardware unit on the left or right side. There is also a dedicated tabletop pen holder. The kit also includes a pedal for foot control, which greatly simplifies the processing procedure.

Characteristics of the device for manicure Global Fashion GF-202:

Power: 65 W

Rotation speed: 35000 rpm

Power supply: 220 V, (50-60Hz)

Reverse: (rotation left, right)

Control box weight: 900 grams

Handle weight (micromotor): 190 grams

Characteristics of the ZS 601 manicure machine:

Power: 45 watts

Rotation speed: 35000 rpm

Power supply: 220-240V, 50Hz

Reverse: (rotation left, right)

Control box weight: 650 grams

Handle weight (micromotor): 150 grams

The set of the Global Fashion GF-202 and ZS 601 router includes:

Hardware block.

Handle (with micromotor).

A set of milling nozzles.

Foot pedal.

Stand for the handle (tabletop).

Stand for the handle (on the router body).

Recommendations for working with the manicure machine:

1. At the end of the work, be sure to clean the router from dust.

2. Do not close the handle without a cutter (at the end of the work, leave the cutter in the handle or use the metal rod that comes with the kit)

3. Switch to reverse only at full stop.

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And to strengthen the information, we suggest watching the video! 

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