Nails and gel polish: should your nails take a break from gel polish?

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We live in a time when our nails are very closely associated with gel polish. Today, every second fashionista pamper herself with a beautiful manicure. A beautiful manicure, first of all, it is a high-quality coating. Today, gel polish coating is in great demand in the nail field. Its most important advantage is a long wear, two to three weeks, or even a month. For girls, this is a miracle, I made myself a beautiful manicure and do not need to steam for the next three weeks. But many people have a question in this regard, whether it is necessary for nails to rest from gel polish. We will try to answer this question with this article. We know what you're interested in, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article. Well, let's figure it out. 


In order to understand whether a break from the gel polish is necessary or not, first we will figure out whether it is harmful to the nails. 

Gel polish - ease of application, bright shine, rich palette of shades, no unpleasant odor, long service life, resistance to damage. Agree, for girls this is a great option for a manicure. But, nevertheless, the chemical formula of this coating contains substances that provide deep penetration and adhesion to the natural nail. But if you correctly follow the technology of applying and removing this coating, then you can guarantee the protection of the natural nail from damage. Craftsmen and customers need to know that this coating can only be used for the period supplied by the manufacturer. 

IMPORTANT: Always contact only trusted masters, use only high-quality gel polishes, do not use gel polish for more than the period set by the manufacturer. 

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There are many opinions on this matter. But in order not to fall into the trap of incorrect information, we will try to explain what and how. 

You can wear the cover continuously, without interruption. The nails are unable to breathe, as they are a keratinized part of the skin. Their nutrition, growth and formation takes place in the matrix - the area under the cuticle, which is recommended to be enriched with nutrients by rubbing in cuticle oil after the manicure procedure. In fact, the main problems arise not because of gel polish manicure, but because of improper nail care, because they need care no less than hands. It is important to use special moisturizers for nails, which contain natural oils: almond, jojoba and others. Almonds protect nails from moisture loss - the main cause of brittleness. And jojoba oil penetrates deeply and nourishes directly the nail root (matrix), on which the overall further condition of the nail depends. 

IMPORTANT: The nails do not need rest from varnish, gel polish, or any other artificial coating, provided that the coating and its removal is performed correctly, in compliance with the technology and without harming the nail plate. 

By the way, gel polish protects nails from external influences. With such a durable coating, you can easily grow long nails for yourself, even if this has always been a problem for you. If all the same, after removing the gel polish, the nails look weaker and thinner, then the point is not in the gel polish, but in the wrong removal technique, when the coating is simply peeled off by nails or even teeth. 

Choose only high-quality products for creating a manicure and then your nails will not suffer. 

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