Repair of equipment

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Equipment warranty

All equipment offered by Global Fashion is guaranteed. Warranty service is the elimination of product malfunctions that arose through the fault of the manufacturer, subject to the rules of operation established by the manufacturer. Equipment that cannot be repaired is replaced with a new one. If a defect is discovered due to improper operation of the equipment, the costs associated with the repair are borne by the buyer.

Warranty repair is not carried out in the following cases:

- if the product was used not for its intended purpose specified in the instructions;

- if there was an independent opening and an attempt to repair the product by the buyer outside an authorized service center;

- if the malfunction has arisen due to negligent use, improper transportation or storage, severe pollution, both outside and inside the product;

- if the product has visible mechanical damage;

- if a malfunction has arisen due to a mismatch between the parameters of the electrical network and the required voltage;

- in case of breakdowns resulting from overload.

The basis for warranty service is a warranty card, cash register receipt or invoice issued upon purchase of goods and certified by the signature of the store manager and the company seal.

If the warranty has expired, or if the failure is not covered by the warranty, the cost of repairs is paid by the buyer.

The warranty period varies depending on the type of equipment and a specific manufacturer. The warranty period for Global Fashion equipment is 3 months, for the rest of the equipment 2 weeks from the manufacturer.

Global Fashion guarantees you that any repair of equipment will be completed within a period of no more than 14 days, except for cases when the repair was delayed due to other reasons beyond the control of the service center. Delivery of equipment for warranty repair from other cities is carried out by mail at the expense of the buyer.

In order to avoid misunderstandings when buying any product, ask the seller to check the serviceability and completeness of the goods in your presence.

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