Gel polish London - 96 amazing shades!

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Gel polish London from Global Fashion! Gel - a varnish that will give a gorgeous shine to your nails!

So characteristics, gel - varnish London:

This is as many as 96 interesting shades with a volume of 8 ml. Gel-varnish London is a long-lasting preservation of a bright and saturated shade, excellent pigment and coverage in one layer. Increased resistance to mechanical damage, no chips and scratches throughout the wearing time. London is easily and quickly removed from the coating.

Features of London gel varnish:

- Working with him is simple and easy.

- Has good pigmentation and density of shades.

- It is steady against burning out, keeps saturated color during all term of a sock.

- Easily removed from the nail plate.

- Does not have a sharp unpleasant smell.

- Self-leveling structure.

Gel-varnish London has a very rich palette:

Buy gel-varnish London and show off fashionable notes!

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