Airbrush - a new level in nail design

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The airbrush is ideal for creating nail designs. It has double independent action and internal paint mixing, mixing takes place inside the airbrush body. The airbrush is controlled by two air streams. There are "Air control" functions, it allows you to regulate the pressure of the supplied air in the airbrush, and the paint supply regulator makes it possible to control the stroke of the needle, thereby limiting the spray.

For drawing with this tool, special paints are used. Airbrushing of nails is created with dyes that have a different consistency. If you use ordinary varnishes, dilute them with solvents, you can damage the equipment. Airbrush acrylic paints are often included with the tool. If you want more colors than the standard set, then it is better to buy paint from a reputable manufacturer. It is easy to order kits in online stores and specialized nail salons for nail service masters.

КHow to use an airbrush:

- First, the nail plate is covered with the main background. It can be one color or multiple colors. It depends on the idea of ​​the master.

- After the main layer has dried, a stencil is applied.

- Spray paint. To create accents, drawing outlines, thin nozzles and brushes are used.

 For an additional decorative effect, use: rhinestones, stickers, threads, sparkles. As with any manicure, a fixing layer is applied.

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