New season "YUKI FLAKES"!

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The trend of 2016, which is winning the hearts of fans at an incredibly fast pace.

"Yuki" i is another kind of flake pigment for nail design. Unlike ordinary rubbing, which gives a monolithic shiny surface, it is laid in different ways, and this is the main charm! "Yuki" means "snow" in Japanese. Wonderful flakes really look like snow, only painted in all the colors of the rainbow.

The compressed pigment is presented in the form of thin plates of different sizes and shapes, or you can grind it into cosmic flakes for yuka nails, which have received nicknames - mica, foil, chameleon.

They can be applied in different ways:

- on the topcoat without a sticky layer

- on a regular top, removing the variance

- to the finish with a sticky layer

- on colored gel polishes without removing the stickiness.

Apply flakes - a chameleon with a finger, a sponge, a pencil for rhinestones and a brush with patting or rubbing movements. These methods give different textures.

From "yuki" it is necessary to be extremely careful, since weightless "mica" scatters from the slightest air. So even breathing around them will have to be careful!

The big advantage of "yuki" is that they can be laid on the nails without thickening. Unlike kamifubuki, "chameleons" do not have to be drowned in a large amount of base and top. Pieces of yuka can be hidden under a couple of layers of the finish, and decorated with other decorative elements on top.

The design of Yuki Flakes is a cosmic fantasy with no limits. Yuki is a godsend for a holiday party, night discos and New Year's frenzy. And even the most ordinary day will brighten up your manicure with holographic flakes.

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