Minimal set of makeup brushes

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In the field of use, there are the following types of brushes:

1. Flat synthetic brush oval

Makeup artists call her "cat's tongue", but we wish we didn't know that. With it, you can apply creamy products, that is, completely create a complexion, from base to blush, if they are not crumbly. Your movements should be short: like the foundation, which should not be smeared or rubbed in, but "hammered" into the skin. In the words of a specialist - to pump.

2. Large brush made of natural cloth

It is necessary in order to thoroughly distribute the powder over the face. If a velvet or puff is attached to the product, then you don't need a brush. And if there is neither one nor the other, then fill some lid (for example, from it) with a small amount of loose powder, dip the tool there and with sweeping circular movements and apply the product to the face. Do the same with the pressed product.

3. Medium blush brush

The size of this brush determines the size of the blush on your cheeks. To make the borders of the application of the product invisible, choose a smooth shape tool.

4. Oval eyeshadow brush

If it is natural, then the pigment will color the skin gradually. The easiest way to make shading and color transitions with such a device. A fellow with nylon bristles instantly paints the eyelid in the color shown on the eyeshadow packaging or declared by the manufacturer.

5. Flat lip brush

Stop at a piece with a short natural pile. It would be nice if the brush was foldable: then you can always take it with you. It is also convenient to use such a tool to bring eyes, but there is a simple rule - it must be washed after each use.

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The minimum set for nail

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