Extension to the shape of the eyes

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Let's take a closer look at what forms of eyes are and what kind of build-up effect will look more advantageous.

Almond-shaped. If you are the very owner of the almond-shaped eyes, then for you there is no limit to creativity and experimentation. Any build-up effect will suit you. So feel free to choose!

Lowered corners of the eyes. If you have omitted the outer corners of the eye, then the “squirrel” effect will look more advantageous to you. It helps to visually raise the corner of the eye and the look will be brighter and more open.

Big and bulging eyes. Owners of this eye shape are recommended to wear eyelashes that are closest to the natural effect. This is either a classic eyelash extension of no more than 0.15 mm, or a double volume with ultra-thin eyelashes. Also, a fox effect is suitable for you, which visually helps to adjust the shape of the eye closer to the amygdala.

Close-set eyes. For girls with such a shape and a cut of the eyes, any effect will suit, with necessarily thickening of the outer corner (fox, squirrel). Also, a similar shape of the eyes can be corrected by correctly choosing the length of the eyelashes.

Deep set eyes. If you have deep-set eyes, then you should adjust them using the “rounding” technique. In this case, the main focus will be on the central part of the eye, visually making the view more open and wide.

The drooping eyelid. For girls with overhanging eyelids or an Asian section of the eye, eyelash extensions L / L + bends are suitable. These are eyelashes that have a steeper bend than everyone else, which allows them to be more visible in front of an impending eyelid.

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