Why do nails need to be corrected every 3 weeks?

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Correction of extended nails is a "repair" of artificial coating, the purpose of which is to add material to the grown area, change the design, shape and length of the marigold. To make your nails look well-groomed and attractive, it is recommended to do this procedure every 2-4 weeks.

Types of correction

Nail service masters distinguish several types of corrections, regardless of the material (gel or acrylic) - it all depends on the condition of the nails, the complexity of thedesign. The following types of correction are distinguished:

1. Small correction is needed for minor nail damage, slight regrowth, mechanical damage (slight detachment).

2. Medium correction is for those who wear their nails for 4 weeks or more. During this time, the nails grow 3-5 millimeters, the purpose of the correction is to hide the area between the natural nail and the artificial one, and also to eliminate minor damage.

3. Large correction most often resembles modeling, as it is intended for a complete change of design and shape. The master can do such a correction when the nail breaks, strong flaking.

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